Music Preparation

Whether copied from your handwriting or already printed sheets, or taken down from a recording, you can rely on Barbara's musicianship and experience to provide you with detailed, clean, and accurate printed music. Just let us know if you want lead sheets, charts, or full scores, and we will accommodate you. All the services below are available via email (pdf), fax, or regular mail. A sample of our work is shown to the right.



Lead sheets

Piano/vocal sheets

Piano reductions

Piano/vocal reductions

Charts for small bands and combos

Full scores (with or without extracted parts)


Song Sleuthing - Can't find a song you've heard? Do you have a recording of the song but can't find the sheet music? For a modest fee we will track down the sheets for your song. If we can't find it, we will transcribe it from your recording and we'll charge you only for the transcription, not the search.

Songwriters and composers - We'll make your handwritten music into beautiful printed scores. If you have recorded your music, but haven't written it down, we'll transcribe it from your tape, CD, or mp3.

Singers and instrumentalists - If your music is not in your key, we will transpose it for you and supply you with clean readable pages.*

Editing and proofreading - We work in both Sibelius and Finale, and can clean up and format your existing scores in either program.

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