Musical Theatre Audition Workshops

Barbara Irvine has presented Musical Theatre Audition Workshops at schools and theatres. In her workshops, she works with 10 to 12 participants over a period of two hours. Non-participating auditors may attend to observe, their number being determined by the space in which the workshop is held. An experienced accompanist must be provided by the hiring venue. Each participant should prepare a musical theatre ballad and a musical theatre up-tempo song. He or she will then “audition” for me and the rest of the group. Barbara will then critique the audition presentation, choice of material, etc. She will also discuss with the entire group audition etiquette and procedures, and will be happy to do a question-and-answer session with all participants, if time allows.

Ask about setting up a booksigning in coordination with the workshop.

Send us an email for availability and rates.

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